Loss Control Services

Loss Prevention (also known as Loss Control) is a vital part of your organization’s customer service, underwriting and claims cost control efforts. There may be times, however, that your existing department does not have the time or manpower to visit every client that requires service. For other companies, there may not be a need for a full time person on staff or the work is such that due to excessive travel time, efficiency is poor. Colonial Risk Management can help you fill those service requirements.

We will work with your organization to provide quality loss prevention services to your clients statewide. We can perform quick, one time surveys to confirm class codes, building construction, etc., or we can spend time working with the client to develop and implement an entire risk management and safety program including all necessary training. The service provided is always professional and of the highest quality regardless of the time spent with the client.

Field Loss Control Services Available for Clients

  • Loss Control / Safety evaluations of all facilities and jobsites statewide
  • Workers' Compensation loss control surveys
  • Property and Casualty loss control surveys
  • Commercial Vehicle and Fleet loss control surveys
  • Life Safety Code evaluations
  • Supplements available for Restaurants, Apartment / Condo Buildings, Pools
  • Building I Property Valuation utilizing Marshall & Swift
  • Building / Grounds Diagrams
  • Review of policy(s) to assure appropriate rates are being charged
  • Thorough review of existing safety program(s)
  • Accident analysis of all past claims (provided information is made available)
  • Ergonomic evaluations to reduce the possibility of cumulative trauma disorders
  • Documentation of all inspections in report form including recommendations designed to address deficiencies noted
  • Reports will include any necessary photographs
  • 30 day standard turnaround (7 day Rush available)
  • Develop and implement customized safety programs specific to the hazards of the organization including those required by OSHA and/or the State Division of Safety
  • Develop and implement a customized safety incentive program designed specifically to work in client's organizational environment
  • Assist in compliance with the State Division of Safety's certified safety program: This entitles the clients to a 2% discount on their Workers' Compensation premium
  • Assist with development and implementation of Drug Free Workplace programs through agreement with Total Compliance Network
  • Construction site safety inspections and safety meetings
  • All types of OSHA Compliance and general safety training (Please see enclosed list of training topics)
  • Provide "tool box" talks specific to company hazards
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Reporting System

All survey requests can be emailed to us and all follow-up documentation will be returned in the same manner. This includes the report and any necessary drawings and photographs. Of course, if that is not your preference, we will utilize any methods you choose.

The format of the forms is up to you. We can provide you with our basic written report designed to provide you with all of the information that you require in a simple, easy to read format (including photographs and drawings) or customize your own report(s). We can also provide written correspondence to the client, with you determining what information is to be enclosed. We will work with you in providing the documentation that your company requires with the level of professionalism that Colonial Risk Management is known for.

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Billing and Turnaround

Our services are typically billed hourly. The amount of time billed will be determined by the service requirements that you have dictated. There are several areas that are billed per service (i.e. customized program development and implementation). Detailed invoices will be provided, breaking out each client visited and the time or service(s) provided. You will be invoiced either once or twice a month; however, we will make every effort to accommodate your organizational needs. There is normally a 30-day turnaround from the date the request is received. If quicker turnaround is necessary, we have a Rush Service available for an additional surcharge.

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